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About Mike

My name is Mike Schroeder. Thanks for checking out my site. This site mostly serves as a portfolio for my digital art work but it can certainly be used for anything. I’ll try to keep it limited to digital art, ¬†though.

I started doing digital art in early 2017. I was pining to do it for awhile and I finally bit the bullet and bought a Wacom tablet and paid for a subscription to Sketchbook Pro. My other primary hobby is table top board gaming. I’ve been gaming since around 2007. One of the things that I really love about the modern board game hobby is the art. I think it’s great. I can sit there for hours and stare at all the great board game art that’s out there. I feel the same way about liquor, beer and wine bottles, too!

It’s natural then that I draw board game art! Board game art commissions is what I focus on but I certainly can do art for any other medium. Contact me if you want to talk about what I can do for you. If you want to see some specifics about my art, check this page out.

My other interests include business and entrepreneurship. I love small business! I respect the hard work that small business (and large business owners) put in to live their dreams. One of my daughters has a couple shirts that say, “Dream Big.” I hope you take that advice, too. Hope, dreams and freedom are what it’s about.

Outside of digital art and design, I have been in the IT industry for 12 years now. From IT support to development and everything in between; in regard to professional IT, I’ve been around the block. The grunt of my professional career has been in software and web development. I currently have my own board and card game publishing company, Puzzling Pixel Games. Maybe you heard about our Kickstarter last year, The Abandons. We’re currently in development of our next game and are looking for game submissions for next year! I do all the art and graphic design for our company.

To finish off my list of achievements, I have been running a board gaming blog, Board Game Dialog since 2010 and started a podcast to supplement it (I don’t keep it updated though). I also wrote an eBook, Beyond Monopoly: A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Board Games, which is available on Amazon. It’s not very long but it’s filled with good information for the rookie board gamer. UPDATE: I shut Board Game Dialog down. I’ve lately been trying to declutter my life and that had to go.

To finish telling you about myself, in my spare time, I love to spend time with my family and I’m usually working on a board game design and enjoying a fine hard cider. Oh yes and I’m a dog lover, and I’m not so much a fan of cats.