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Artwork and Commissions

If you are looking to see my work, go here first, then come back to this page.

How do I typically do my artwork?

All my work is digital. Depending on the type of art needed. I work with Adobe products and sometimes Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

Landscape/Atmosphere Work:

For atmosphere or landscape work such as this…


I just do it all in Photoshop and I typically don’t sketch. But for commissions, I understand many of you would like a sketch, so you can at least see where I’m headed with a piece – that’s fine, those details can be hammered out when we talk.

Characters and more details:

For characters, I tend to like having a sketch first. Sketches or drawings can also be used as a milestone for payment. Then I move onto the final painting.

Graphic Design:

I can also provide graphic design services. Graphic design services often go hand in hand with digital illustration.

Here’s an example of some real quick layout/graphic design work I’ve done recently. This is some podcast cover art.

Album Art Cover

Podcast Cover



If you’d like to commission me for work I want to set some ground rules and preferences a head of time. My favorite games tend to be Euro, fantasy or Ameritrash games and video games, of course. War games aren’t my thing or sports really. While I’m certainly up to the challenge on my less than preferred subject matter, I’m just giving you my preferences.

Steampunk and anime

I should get this out there too, I’m not really a fan of anime (at all actually) and I’m not a fan of steampunk. I can probably try and fake it but I certainly don’t have heart there.

What I’m not open to though, is anything hyper sexual. Even women’s cleavage that is completely unrealistic you’ll see in many games – I’m not into drawing that. I’m not open to anything satanic or anything too bloody or gory. I do not do satirical party games that mock presidents or other political types or games that offer crude humor. I will not do work that mocks God. I reserve the right to reject any work, for any reason. I also will not sign any form of NDA unless you are a larger, more established company.

Micro Managing Types

Are you the type of person that demands updates every hour, few hours or even every morning? I’m sorry but I don’t work well with micro-manager types. This would not be an ideal situation for either of us if this is the case. I’m a professional and I need you to trust me to provide updates. I will do my best to give you what I can within reason. But every day updates is not reasonable unless that is explicitly written into the contract and we agree to it. If this is what you expect, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

I’m interested in hearing what your project is. Send me a note and we can go from there. But I ask that you respect my decision to not do the work for any reason, if I choose not to do it.