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Board Game Assets


Some art I did for a game I’m exploring publishing. Some theme sampling/testing, if you will. [Feb. ’18] Copyright 2018 Puzzling Pixel Games – Michael T Schroeder

These are assets/art used in board games. Most of my work is in, Random Art Portfolio, however.

A mock board game cover art I’m working on, “Adventure.” Not finished. Will have some horses and this younger brother will have an older brother down below yelling for him to come down. Title and some finishing touches will need to be worked on still but for now…WIP – Concept art piece essentially [Jan ’18’]

A sample of a card I designed and illustrated. This card in particular has an overabundance of text. This is a US poker sized card (the edges will get cut)

Race Car Game Card Sample – Oct ’17


Race Car Game Sample Card – Oct ’17

These are terrain tiles that are typical for a fantasy game.

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