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Random Art Portfolio

The older work is at the bottom and is more recent as you progress to the top of the page.

A mock board game cover art I’m working on, “Adventure.” Not finished. Will have some horses and this younger brother will have an older brother down below yelling for him to come down. Title and some finishing touches will need to be worked on still but for now…WIP – Concept art piece essentially [Jan ’18’]

“Shut Up, Foo!” Murdock and BA from my favorite show, “The A-Team” [Jan ’18]

Look at this alien jerk – standing there, all smug like – I have no idea what came out of my head with this one…[Jan ’18]

Woman’s Portrait [Jan ’18]

Deserted Church – Just a deserted church. Inspired from a photograph I saw online. I will be adding a couple people in here next, as well as some extra props like tables, chalices, etc. [Dec. ’17]

Detective's Desk from the 1940's [Dec '17]

Detective’s Desk from the 1940’s [Dec ’17]

Knight Helmet [Dec '17]

Knight Helmet [Dec ’17]

Thanks for taking a look at my portfolio. The newest stuff is at the top.

Some old time gun [Nov’ 17]


Star Wars – “Please, please, please, go away.”

WIP: Creepy

A mage – I was playing with some different brushes and styles for this one. A messier or more “abstract” style here…but not abstract [Sept. ’17]

Anubis for a fake board game I’m working on [Sept ’17]



Just some wizard.


Alien World Island Moon Scene

Alien World Island Scene – July ’17

Agricola Player Board Re-MakeAgricola Player Board Remake – WIP still [ July ’17]

Bottle of Something

Bottle of something. Not intended to be realistic, at all, but a concept.

A gold coin. Nicked up and scratched. [CREATED Jun ’17 All in Photoshop – No Sketching or inking]

A tree. I wanted simple. Something video game-esque. [CREATED Jun ’17 All in Photoshop – No Sketching or inking]

Road to Rome

Road to Rome – an non-existent game. Well, Maybe it exits. I’m mostly happy with this one, except for the guard. I just didn’t feel like taking more care of it. [CREATED Jun ’17 All in Photoshop – No Sketching or inking]

Lost Valley. Paint only, all in Photoshop – [CREATED Jun ’17]


Darth Vader looking at Tatooine. Sketchbook Pro for inking and sketching/ painting in Photoshop – [CREATED Jun ’17]

Monk playing NES

Medieval Monk playing NES. I did not finish the floor, I really didn’t want to. Sketchbook Pro and painted in Photoshop – [CREATED May ’17]


Another island. More finished but clearly with issues. I’m not happy with the shadowing, the perspective of the boat is also way off. Created in Sketchbook Pro – [CREATED April/May ’17]

Some futuristic scene with some guy opening a door in an ice cave. Created in Sketchbook Pro – [CREATED April/May ’17]

Some sort of jovial warrior type character. Created in Sketchbook Pro – [CREATED April ’17]

Blue Lightning (without the lightning)! This guy thinks he’s Thor. Sketchbook Pro. [CREATED April ’17]


Not another farming euro! Sketchbook PRO [CREATED March ’17]

A bar/microbrewery. Sketchbook Pro [CREATED April/March ’17]


Yet another CastleVania inspired piece. Sketchbook Pro [CREATED Feb ’17]

One of my first pieces. Inspired from the board game, Isle of Skye, kinda? Sketchbook Pro [CREATED Jan/Feb ’17]

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